Painting a Billboard

With the number of people on the roads these days, it can often be a benefit for companies to have some sort of billboard where people can see their products and advertisements. Whether the company has rented a billboard space on a wall or has mobile billboard advertising, the question soon becomes, how do we actually use it?

Thankfully, there is a whole art to painting billboards and taking a small ad before blowing it up onto the side of a truck or building. The first thing you need is a plan and an accurate sense of scale, which is called pouncing.

Pouncing refers to drawing a grid on the original image and then transferring the grid to a piece of paper the size of the building. So, if square one on a 3 by 3 grid contained the words ‘buy now’, then that square would be translated to the larger square one on the grid, which is typically the area of the space people are working with.

The larger paper is covered with the images on the smaller one, and then the wall where the billboard is is painted white. Then, using charcoal, the workers rub the image through the paper so it appears full size on the wall. It’s almost like making a charcoal rubbing, just on a massive scale.

mobile billboard advertising

Then everything is painted and filled in, until everything is made the same and the billboard is completed. The work takes a long time, and often, transitioning the smaller ad to the board is the easy part. Using all the colors and ensuring an exact match is often the hardest part.

But for many companies, the extra effort and cost of the billboard is worth it when it comes time to reap all the advertising benefits.